Team Orion NiHM Battery Pack 1.25V 900mAh HT AAA 4pcs

Team Orion NiHM Battery Pack 1.25V 900mAh HT AAA 4pcs

Артикул: ORI13202

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Team Orion long known world wide as the leader in RC battery technology has now begun to further give it’s attention to one of the fastest growing segments in RC, the Micro and Mini-Z market.

  • With all new AA, and AAA NiMH batteries coming to market this fall Team Orion is sure enhance the performance of your Mini-Z or 1:18 vehicles. Packing a whopping 1.25Volts per cell our AA and AAA’s provide voltage previously only found on high end precision electronic cells.

  • For the 1:18 scales such as the Kyosho Half 8 we are introducing a new 2700 AA cell increasing the capacity as well as the performance.

  • For the Mini-Z market we are taking it a step further and providing two levels of AAA’s. First for the racer we have the 900HV (High Voltage) for outright performance. Then for the Hobbyist where often run time is key we are releasing the 1100RT (Run Time) featuring a larger capacity.
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