LRP Top Grip "Carpet 3" Tire Traction Compound (75ml)

LRP Top Grip "Carpet 3" Tire Traction Compound (75ml)

Артикул: LRP65012

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  • This is a 75ml bottle of LRP Top Grip "Carpet 3" Tire Traction Compound. This easy-to-apply fluid provides maximum grip for rubber and foam tires on carpet applications.  



The Top Grip 3 adhesive has been completely developed from the latest and highly efficient additives. The adhesive qualities were improved and a significantly better environmental sustainability was achieved. The Top Grip Carpet 3 has therefore been awarded the title “Green Formula”.

Tire Traction Additive
Mature Adhesive
Additif TraitementPneu
Maximum Traction on Carpet

Infiltration Time:
Rubber Tires: 20mins
Foam Tires: 30mins

Content: 75ml

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